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Coach fragrances: by Inter Parfums Inc. Coach, Inc. is an American leather goods company founded in Manhattan, New York, in 1941 in partnership with the Gail Manufacturing Company. Prior to 2016, the Coach fragrance line was created by Estee Lauder Companies. Learn more

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Coach was founded in 1941 as a family-run workshop. In a Manhattan loft, six artisans handcrafted a collection of leather goods using skills handed down from generation to generation. Discerning consumers soon began to seek out the quality and unique nature of Coach craftsmanship. Now greatly expanded, Coach continues to maintain the highest standards for materials and workmanship. Coach's exceptional work force remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that define the company. We attribute the prominence of the Coach brand to the unique combination of our original American attitude and design, our heritage of fine leather goods and custom fabrics, our superior product quality and durability and our commitment to customer service. (Source: - May 2012)

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Headquarters - 516 West 34th St, New York, NY 10001
Tel. 1-888-262-6224 |

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