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Lavenderland - unisex fragrances

Lavenderland by Jo Malone is a new limited edition fragrance collection inspired by English Lavender. This aromatic trio of aromatic perfumes includes Lavender & Coriander, Silver Birch & Lavender, Wisteria & Lavender. These new unisex scents are housed in glass perfume bottles featuring light purple caps. Available in cologne sprays beginning February 2020.

Jo Malone Lavenderland
Jo Malone Lavenderland - Cologne
Launched - February 2020

Jo Malone Lavenderland Lavender & Coriander

Jo Malone Lavenderland Lavender & Coriander
Aromatic scent
"Aromatic English lavender nestled in a thriving and fragrant herb garden, bolstered by the striking note of coriander. Earthy sage deepens the lavender's timeless scent, while creamy tonka bean adds an unexpected touch of warmth and sensual balance."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Coriander
Heart - English lavender
Base - Sage, tonka bean

Jo Malone Lavenderland Silver Birch & Lavender

Jo Malone Lavenderland Silver Birch & Lavender
Fresh aromatic woody scent
"Morning light across a rambling garden, framed by silver birch trees. The air fresh with a crisp coolness that cuts through the iconic scent of English lavender. Refreshed with a squeeze of grapefruit, grounded by a woody, charismatic base of silver birch and a compelling note of roasted oak."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Grapefruit
Heart - English lavender
Base - Silver birch, oak wood

Jo Malone Lavenderland Pineapple

Jo Malone Lavenderland Wisteria & Lavender
Soft floral scent
"Cascading wisteria frames a characterful house, creating a nostalgic purple picture. This soft floral presentation of English lavender is entwined with sweet wisteria and powdery heliotrope. A picturesque trio, cocooned in clean and delicate white musk."

Fragrance Notes
Top - English laverder
Heart - Wisteria, heliotrope
Base - White musk

Jo Malone Lavenderland - new fragrance details

Follow us to Lavenderland. An enchanted world of violet visions, where English lavender meanders in purple pathways across the countryside. Fall out of the ordinary with our new limited-edition collection. Discover three distinctive Colognes: Lavender & Coriander, Silver Birch & Lavender and Wisteria & Lavender and two Home products, infused with the soft and sensual scent of Lavender & Musk.

Lavender & Coriander - Aromatic. Spicy. Striking.
Top Note: CORIANDER - Spicy and aromatic, it infuses the fragrance with clean freshness.
Heart Note: ENGLISH LAVENDER - The floral, soft and fresh with green fruitiness, gives the fragrance its aromatic quality.
Base Note: SAGE - Its cool, woody character inbues the base with charismatic intensity, prolonging its trail.

Silver Birch & Lavender - Stimulating. Fresh. Dashing
Top Note: GRAPEFRUIT - Opens the fragrance with luminous freshness delivering a slightly bitter, distinctively zesty tone.
Heart Note: ENGLISH LAVENDER - The floral, soft and fresh with green fruitiness, gives the fragrance its aromatic quality.
Base Note: SILVER BIRCH - Woody and earthy, aromatic tones that bring a natural depth to the base.

Wisteria & Lavender - Idyllic. Dainty. Soft.
Top Note: ENGLISH LAVENDER - The floral, soft and fresh with green fruitiness, gives the fragrance its aromatic quality.
Heart Note: WISTERIA - An elegant floral, the honeyed facets of these delicate petals create an idyllic floral heart.
Base Note: WHITE MUSK - Powdery and clean, it enhances the trail of the scent, adding a softness that endures.

(Source:, Feb. 2020)

Jo Malone Lavenderland Fragrance

The cologne sprays for Jo Malone Lavenderland sell at $72 for 1 oz. (Sephora) The collection includes a Lavender & Musk pillow spray and room diffuser as well.

Jo Malone Lavenderland Perfume Collection

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Jo Malone Lavenderland

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