Firmenich Perfume Manufacturer

Firmenich is a Swiss flavoring and fragrance manufacturer.

Originally Chuit & Naef, it was founded in 1895 by businessman Martin Naef and chemist Philippe Chuit in Geneva. They rented space from Charles Firmenich, and later Charles' daughter Therese married Philippe Chuit. In 1900 the fragrance company was joined by Fred Firmenich, Theresa's brother, who worked as the saleman, and in 1934 after Chuit and Naef retired the company was renamed Firmenich & Co. The family owned company is the world's largest privately-owned company and ranked number two in the industry.


"Our passion for perfumes and flavors, our creativity and innovation, together with our exceptional understanding of sensory perceptions and trends, have forged our world-class reputation. Our consistently superior investments in R&D substantiate our desire to understand, share and reinvent the best of what nature has to offer in the realms of smell and taste."

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  • Address: Rue de la Bergere 7, PO Box 148, Meyrin 2 CH-1217, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 22 780 22 11

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