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Pascal Gaurin was born circa 1970 in France. This French Perfumer studied at ISIPCA at Versailles, France. He began working as a perfumer for IFF since April 1995. In 1997 he moved to their New York offices where he works as s Senior Perfumer for the Fine Fragrances division. Learn more

All Perfumes created by Pascal Gaurin

A Lab on Fire

  • Made in Heaven - 2014


  • Christian Lacroix Nior - 2007
  • Christian Lacroix Nuit for Him - 2011
  • Patrick Dempsey Unscripted - 2008 (with Yves Cassar)
  • U by Ungaro for Him - 2008 (with Yves Cassar)

Banana Republic

  • Rosewood - 2006

Calvin Klein

  • Crave - 2002 (with Yves Cassar and Jean Marc Chaillan)
  • Eternity Purple Orchid - 2003 (with Sophia Grojsman)
  • Eternity Summer - 2007 (with Clement Gavarry)
  • Eternity Summer - 2008 (with Yves Cassar)
  • Eternity Summer - 2012


Diana Vreeland

  • Daringly Different - 2015


  • Loverdose Tattoo - 2013 (with Anne Flipo)
  • Loverdose Tattoo EDT - 2014 (with Anne Flipo)

Giorgio Armani


Harajuku Lovers

  • Love - 2008 (with Yves Cassar)
  • Snow Bunnies Love - 2009 (with Yves Cassar)

Jessica Simpson

  • Fancy Love - 2009 (with Celine Barel, Clement Gavarry, Yves Cassar)

Karl Lagerfeld

Liz Clairborne

  • Bora Bora - 2002 (with Olivier Polge)
  • Liz - 2005 (with Jean Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec)
  • Realities - 2004 (with Jean Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec)

Lucky Brand

  • Lucky 6 - 2006 (with Laurent le Guernec, Loc Dong)

Michael Kors


  • Seer - 2015

Oscar de la Renta

Sofia Vergara

  • Love - 2015

Tom Ford

  • Black Violet - 2007 (with Clement Gavarry)

Vera Wang

Pascal Gaurin - editorials

Floral Fragrance - Nowadays, penned notes may be a dying art, but fragrance is still an effective way to express your personality, and the most popular choice by far have always been florals. "Whether they're soft or powerful, floral perfumes exude femininity," says Pascal Gaurin, a senior perfumer at International Flavors & Fragrances. "That's a huge part of their appeal." Plus, we have more intimate associations with flowers than with sunny citrus or exotic oriental notes.
(Siegal, Elizabeth. "Beauty: 101 - Floral Fragrance." Allure Nov. 2011)

Sillage - The Scent Trail - Sillage is the product of evaporation, aided and tweaked by alchemical wizardry. ... "It's a complex chemistry involving a lot of different molecules and how they interact with on another," explains Pascal Gaurin, a senior perfumer at New York scent-industry giant International Flavors & Fragrances, whose creations include Harajuku Lovers Love and Michael Kors Very Hollywood.
("Long, April. Trail Blazers." Elle Nov. 2011: 244-248)