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Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche - eau de toilette for women

Flora by Gucci Eau Fraîche - "Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche, a fragrance as gently beguiling as the scent of spring blooms. Where the Eau de Toilette befits the day, the Eau de Parfum the night, so Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche is for any moment when our GUCCI woman seeks to grace herself with a fragrance that is an airy, sparkling, ethereal light."  --gucciparfums.com

Perfume House   Gucci
Introduced March 2011
Tagline --
Scent Classification Fruity Floral
Perfumer --
Fragrance Notes Bergamot, kumquat (top); Rose, osmanthus (heart); Patchouli, sandalwood(base)
Package Designer Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci
Print/TV Campaign Abbey Lee Kershaw (model)
Available Products Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche - Eau de Toilette 1oz ($49), 1.7oz, 2.5oz ($85)

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The Fragrance
Feminine, softly sensual, Flora by Gucci is a fruity floral paean to youthful romance and optimism. Unusually among floral fragrances, it also exudes finesse. Flora by Gucci Eau Fraîche's opening have been rendered more invigorating with the addition of zestful bergamot and kumquat. Its velvety, petal-laden rose and osmanthus heart has been made still more sensuous by the inclusion of bracing, yet soulful green and water notes. While the scent's evocative sandalwood and patchouli foundation remains unchanged. The result is a spirited yet poignant, as moving as a spring flower.

Top Note: The top of the fragrance opens with accentuated citrus notes, bergamot and kumquat creating a sparkling, vibrant and fresh scent.

Heart Note: A floral heart made of roses and the rare osmanthus flower with the inclusion of green and watery notes adds sensuality and femininity to the Flora fragrance.

Base Note: Fresh and feminine, Flora remains subtly sensual and powerful, the Gucci signature edge rooted on a patchouli and sandalwood base.

The Story of Floral

A New Beginning
The inspirationg for Flora by Gucci originated from an iconic design from the Gucci archives that was rediscovered by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini. From its original incarnation as a silk scarf, to the sought-after accessories and ready-to-wear designed by Frida Giannini in the 21st century, Flora has proven to possess a timeless allure.

Flora's Reach: The Power of an Icon Today
Frida Giannini has taken the classic design and given it new life. The pattern has been reinterpreted with new scaling and color variations and applied dresses, handbags, watches and jewelry. Each is striking and new, yet possesses a timeless appear.

Created for a Princess
Flora was first designed in 1966, as a special commission for Princess Grace of Monaco. The princess had paid a visit to Gucci's Milan store where Rodolfo Gucci invited her to select a gift. She suggested a scarf, but Rodolfo felt he lacked one special enough for his distinguished guest. He immediately contacted the renowned illustrator Vittorio Accornero to design the most beautiful floral scarf imaginable. Accornero's creation, the Flora scarf, was a sensational hit with the Princess Grace and quickly became a timeless Gucci icon.

A Timeless Motif
Tigerlilies, heather, poppies, dragonflies and butterflies adorn this decorative floral print. The original motif was a magnificent piece of artistry and contained over 36 different colors on the single design.

Flora Grows
As Flora's visibility grew thanks to the princess, Gucci began to slowly introduce the famous print to other collections, including ties, silk shirts and jewelry.

A Fashion Favorite
The pattern quickley became a beloved Gucci icon, and soon found a new group of young admirers.

Frida's Inspiration
Of all the incredible treasures I have unearthed from the Gucci archives, Flora is perhaps the one that gives me the most pleasure. I vividly remember seeing the print on the scarves of chic women in Rome when I was a girl. When I first arrived at Gucci and saw it again, I knew immediately that it was time to bring it back. What I love most is that it is happy and joyful, but extremely feminine and chic - in short the essence of Gucci.

Flora Eau Fraîche
The new Flora Eau Fraiche possesses the same youthful and optimistic spirit as the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum but in a twist that is fresher, sparkling, vibrant, and more playful.

Source: www.gucciparfums.com (Sept. 2011)

Advertising Campaign

Flora Eau Fraiche Gucci fragrances
Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche
Gucci - Abbey Lee Kershaw, 2011
Flora Eau Fraiche Gucci perfumes
Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche
Gucci - Abbey Lee Kershaw, 2011
Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche Gucci perfumes
Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche
Gucci - 2011
Flora Eau Fraiche Gucci fragrances
Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche
Gucci - 2011

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