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Yin Collection by The Harmonist is a set of five feminine fragrance. The YIN collection, represented by the five elemental energies of Asian philosophy, includes Hypnotizing Fire, Royal Earth, Metal Flower, Guilding Water, and Magnetic Wood. This collection is the "dark" counterpart to the "bright" Yang Collection of fragrances. The YIN side of the Yin-Yang duality represents the Moon, feminine, passive energy. The five elements of Wu Xing, the generative cycle, are interpreted with custom blended scents to represent each element: Fire which creates Earth, Earth that produces Metal, Metal that holds Water, Water which feeds Wood, and Wood which fuels Fire. The Harmonist perfume bottles are refillable and finished in opaque black with white accents. Launched in 2015, the aromatic fragrance collection is available in eau de parfum and parfum sprays.

The Harmonist Yin Collection
The Harmonist Yin Collection
Launched - 2015

The Harmonist Yin Collection - fragrance details

The Harmonist Hypnotizing Fire - Oriental floral scent
"Like the gentle candle flame, mesmerizing and warm, this fragrance glows with soft, luxurious heat, hypnotizing you with its contrasting scents, at once spicey and warm. Pimento berries harvested under Jamaica's intense sun blend to the subtle, sensuous scent of Bulgarian rose. Mysterious patchouli from Indonesia and the resinous violet of opoponax combine with elegant Madagascan vanilla to bring us back to the flickering flames where warmth meets sensuality. Hypnotizing Fire - a flame of seduction."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Pepper tree, pimento berries, clove
Heart - Bulgarian rose, patchouli, praline
Base - Vanilla, benzoin, opoponax

The Harmonist Royal Earth - Aromatic scent
"Classy and sophisticated, Royal Earth uses precious, potent roots and seeds to create a mysterious, dignified fragrance. Carrot and angelica seeds combine with tangy bergamot to crown this scent with bright head notes, but it is the prized Iris Pallida root from historic Tuscany which infuses it with grandeur and gravity. The powerful, enigmatic scent of iris will envelope you in a mystical aura of fascination tinged with the bittersweet twist of neroli and the sensuality of sandalwood. Royal Earth - the irresistible pull of the earth."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Carrot seed, angelica seed, ambrette
Heart - Neroli, iris, heliotrope
Base - Tonka bean, sandalwood, vetiver

The Harmonist Metal Flower - Floral scent
"A rose as a hand-crafted jewel, a metal rose, finely fashioned, cold, sharp, modern yet eternal, such is the inspiration behind this perfume. Created with a blend of three precious rose ingredients, this fragrance gives you the elegant grace of Bulgarian rose essence and the sophistication of rare Rose of May, but also the sharp edge of rosoxyde, like blood drawn by a rose’s thorn. Using aldehydes for shine, with silky musks, soothing ylang ylang and rich patchouli for lasting sensuality, this unusual scent is a modern classic. Metal Flower - a scent that glints in the sun like polished metal."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Rosoxydes, aldehydes, orange blossom
Heart - Rose of May, Bulgarian rose, ylang ylang
Base - Patchouli, white musks

The Harmonist Guilding Water - Aquatic floral green scent
"Like dawn's light caressing the day's first blossoms, their scents carried to you on the dewy breeze, this delicate fragrance will lend you a natural calm. Floral, aquatic and green, this perfume takes its initial ocean freshness from ozonic accord piqued with pink peppercorn. Then let the pure simplicity of water flow over you as the cool, limpid notes of watermelon, cyclamen and the clear spirit of the unsullied lotus warm on your skin. Fleur-de-Lys, musk and jasmine bring a more sultry, lingering note, enveloping you in an air of liquid mystery. Guiding Water - the essence of rain-washed flowers."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Watermelon, aquatic notes, ozonic accord
Heart - Lotus flower, jasmine, cyclamen
Base - Lys flower, pink peppercorn, white musks

The Harmonist Magnetic Wood - Green floral powdery scent
"A green, floral, powdery fragrance with the light refreshing essence of mimosa, the first flower of spring, emblem of Nature's rejuvenating energy. Like a cool, green arbour, the fresh scents of sweet osmanthus from China and evergreen bio mastic from Morocco lift your spirits while the refined notes of rare iris root pamper your senses. Relax, letting the sensuous, woody accords of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver envelope you in a revitalizing aura. Magnetic Wood - rich and refined, the force of life, the force of Nature."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Green mandarin, bergamot, osmanthus
Heart - Mimosa, daffodil, iris
Base - Cedar, sandalwood, gaiac

The Harmonist Yin Collection Perfume

The The Harmonist Yin Collection fragrances are each available in a Parfum spray, $295 for 1.7 oz., and an Eau de Parfum spray, $225 for 1.7 oz. (Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman).

The Harmonist Perfume Collection

Whether you seek socializing, creativity, prosperity, status, seduction or wisdom, the sensory Yin fragrances will conveniently help enhance your quest, no matter where you are in the world.


(Source: theharmonist.com, Apr. 2020)

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