Perfume’s Chemical Reaction

After receiving my May 2010 issue of Marie Claire Magazine today, I sighed and thought “Ahh, just want the doctor ordered…now I can relax on the couch and read it cover to cover before the school bus arrives to interrupt my solitude.” I was enjoying an afternoon of relaxation, with the warm breeze blowing in through the […]

Be Delicious DKNY Perfume

DKNY Be Delicious and Bath & Body Works Enchanted Orchid

Perfume & Body Products Combo #2 DKNY Be Delicious Perfume with Bath & Body Works Enchanted Orchid Body Wash and Lotion For a fruity floral scent combination for your body care products and perfume, I pair DKNY De Delicious, the green apple fragrance, with Enchanted Orchid shower gel and lotion, which has similar notes of pink […]

Guess by Marciano Perfume

Guess by Marciano Perfume and Twilight Woods Lotion

Perfume & Body Products Combo #1 Guess by Marciano Perfume with Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Body Wash & Lotion For a fruity woody scent combination for your perfume amd body care products, I pair Guess by Marciano, eau de parfum fragrance, with Twilight Woods shower gel and lotion, which has similar notes of citrus, […]

Celebrity Perfumes – Are they for me?

Regardless of how you feel about a celebrity and the Celebrity SCENTsation of celeb-inspired or celebrity-created perfumes, if you are a perfume connoisseur you love the rapid pace of new additions to your local perfume counters.  In years prior to the celebrity perfume trend, very few “new additions” of fragrances were released annually. Granted with the addition of the […]

Celebrity Perfume Website

Well it’s starting to look like I am not going to add anything to this website! BUT…the reason for the slow start is I’ve been busy with my first website dedicated to the new trend in celebrity perfumes. So check it out at Celebrity Scentsation. I’m really looking forward to expanding on the perfume websites, the […]

Happy New Year

Happy 2010! My new year’s resolution this year is to take my hobby-slash-obsession of perfume and fragrance online in a personal blog. So here’s my first post. Thanks to all my friends who encourage and inspire me to continue the journey of scent discovery, who enjoy listening and learning about my hobby and opinions of […]

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