Hair Fragrances

New Hair Fragrances

7 HAIR FRAGRANCES to sexy-up your tresses include top of the line scents from Gucci and Dior, along with hair perfume from Pacifica and Sachajuan. Hair Fragrances – Cosmo Nov 2018 Bedhead Just Got Sexier – Unexpected sleepover? Hair fragrance lingers even when every other thing comes off. YSL Mon Paris Hair Mist YSL Mon […]

Dove Intensive Repair Range

New Love for My Hair – Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

My naturally curly (a.k.a. perpetually dry) hair has fallen in love!  Move over Pantene, there’s a new sheriff in town.  P&G sent me a free sample and coupon for Dove’s new Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner.  It was enough product for a full week of washes…yes, I know you are not suppose to wash your hair […]

Hair Products for Natural Curls That Won’t Break the Budget

Born with a head of blonde curls, I have spent way too much time and way too much money trying to find hair care products to tame my coils.  Most products leave my hair Bozo-the-Clown frizzy or weighed down and drab.   Since my hair is fairly long, the shampoos and conditioners sold at the salon […]