Happy New Year

Happy 2010! My new year’s resolution this year is to take my hobby-slash-obsession of perfume and fragrance online in a personal blog. So here’s my first post.

Thanks to all my friends who encourage and inspire me to continue the journey of scent discovery, who enjoy listening and learning about my hobby and opinions of what smells good on them, and truly reflective of their inner spirit in an aura of fragrance.

Thanks to my mom, who instilled the importance of femininity and the essence of a woman with her invisible and lingering fragrance imprinted in my memory from early childhood. Thanks to my late grandmother who’s body powder crystal now resides on my vanity, and will always smell of Chanel…even if I’m the only one who can embrace its lasting impression.

Fragrance is the most potent sense to invoke memory and feelings. A scent can arouse a long forgotten memory in a flash. Apple pie reminds my of my German great-grandmother who was a pastry chef. Lilacs, my grandmother. Gardenias, my mother. The list is endless, and we can all relate to the smell of the beach at sunset on a balmy day.

Perfume just makes me happy, and I hope you enjoy the journey.