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Francois Demachy is a fine fragrance perfumer who works for Christian Dior. He was born in 1949 in Cannes, France and learned perfumery as a trainee in the Grasse perfume factories. In 1971 he worked in the Charabot perfume house, and in 2006 joined Dior as an in house perfumer. His father, a pharmacist, created his own cologne called Eau de Grasse Imperiale. Edmond Roudnitska, close friend of Dior and master perfumer was a customer of his fathers. ...learn more

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Acqua di Parma


  • Clin d'Oeill - 1984
  • Equateur
  • Masculin Extreme - 2000
  • Ouragan - 1998
  • Soir de Paris (reformulation 1992 with Jacques Polge)


Emanuel Ungaro

  • Ombre de la Nuit
  • Ungaro Pour L'Homme - 1991

Emilio Pucci

  • Miss Pucci - 2010 (with Christine Nagel and Benoit Lapouza)
  • Vivara - 2007
  • Vivara Silver Edition - 2008




  • Kenzo Homme Sport - 2012
  • Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme - 2013

Stephanie de Monaco

  • L'Insaisissable - 1991
  • Stephanie - 1989


  • Tiffany - 1987
  • Tiffany Parfum - 1987

Francois Demachy - about the perfumer

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The Descendants - When you grow up in a family of perfumers, just about every memory evokes a symphony of scent.

François Demachy was born in Cannes in 1949 and spent his entire childhood in the city of Grasse in the Alpes Maritimes department. When speaking of his youth, he fondly remembers "the mimosa-covered hills, the Bataille des Fleurs parade and fields of jasmine and roses in the early morning". His father ran a pharmacy in Grasse where he launched his own eau de cologne, called Eau de Grasse Impériale. At the time, one of his customers was Edmond Roudnitska, a master perfumer and close friend of Christian Dior, who created Diorissimo and Eau Sauvage, the first fragrances for the House of Dior. Each summer, during his adolescent years, Francois Demachy worked as a trainee in Grasse's perfume factories, workshops and warehouses, becoming acquainted with all of the different aspects of the fragrance industry. In 1971, he joined the Charabot perfume house in Grasse, a leader in the use of natural raw materials, such as jasmine, rose and iris. For five years, he trained to become a perfumer and created his first fragrances. Francois Demachy likes to draw energy and inspiration from Mediterranean climates where the sea, land and sun all meet. He is particularly fond of the Italian cities of Syracuse and Siena and is strongly attracted to both the Italian and Japanese cultures. He is a connoisseur of vintage cars as well as a passionate diver. He likes to say: "A successful perfume is one in which the formula is as beautiful as the fragrance... One that makes the woman wearing it smile and awakens desire in a man..."
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