Homesick Candles – Scents by State

Check out this cool idea.  Candles that smell like home!  For most of us who have left home for college or work or whatever… never to return except for the occasional family wedding or reunion… this idea is actually pretty slick.  Candles that smell like your home state.

Homesick Candles
Homesick Candles

For me, I would like to try the Northern California blend – although that’s not my “home” state, it has all the “foody” scents I love:

Enjoy the bounty of Northern California with touches of bold wines and redwood forests. There is a very light hint of pears, apples, cloves, and cinnamon. Sweet accents of baked vanilla are reminiscent of the amazing foods and flavors that balance out the northern part of the great state of California.

However, for a nice “Christmas-y” scent for the holidays, when I’m nice and warm here in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, my homestate of Wisconsin sounds pretty “cool”:

Like a comforting breeze of cold winter air, head back to the great state of Wisconsin with the scent of peppermint, cranberry, maple, butter, and cream—all the ingredients for a perfect cinnamon Kringle on a snowy afternoon.

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