Holiday Candles

Holiday Scented Candles

Scented candle collection for the holidays. Check out these latest candles the smell like Christmas, from pine trees to mulled cider, you are sure to find a scent to warm up your home for the season. Jo Malone White Moss & Snowdrop Candle Snowy Air “The scent of winter wonderment, captured in a candle. Forest-fresh […]

Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles – Scents by State

Check out this cool idea.  Candles that smell like home!  For most of us who have left home for college or work or whatever… never to return except for the occasional family wedding or reunion… this idea is actually pretty slick.  Candles that smell like your home state. Homesick Candles For me, I would like […]

Home Fragrance How To Guide

Scenting Your Home – How to Guide

Scent Your Home …How to Guide The following interview appeared in Allure Magazine’s December 2010 issue, as part of the Insider’s Guide.  “How to Scent Your Home,” by Jolene Edgar. How to Scent Your Home An Interview with Robert Gerstner ~ Gerstner is the co-owner of Aedes de Venustas, a fragrance boutique in New York City. When choosing a […]

Scentsy Silver Bells Wickless Candle and Prancer Warmer

Scentsy’s Christmas wickless-candle scent and warmer for the month of November include Silver Bells scent bar and Prancer warmer.  Celebrate the holidays with Scentsy’s newest warmer and fragrance bars. Save 10% on Scentsy bar and full size warmer. Scentsy Silver Bells The scent:  Silver Bells – $5 each 3.2 oz. – Buy Now for only $4.50 (save $0.50) […]

Glade Limited Edition Fall Scents Collection

Glade has launched their limited edition Fall Collection of scents including, Cashmere Woods, Country Spice, and Harvest Medley.  Cashmere Woods includes the scents of Amber and Bergamot.  Country Spice fragrance notes include Cinnamon and Nutmeg.  Harvest Medley (exclusively at Walmart) include Fresh Berries and Fruits. Glade Fall Collection Fragrances

Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit Scent

Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit Scent

Febreze has added a new scent to their Exotic home fragrance collection, Thai Dragon Fruit.   This new scent combination, inspired by the canals of Thailand, includes notes of dragon fruit, mango, and papaya is available in the Febreze series of products, Air Effects, Fabric Refresher, Candles, and Noticeables scented oil warmers. Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit Scent I’m a big fan the Febreze family of Exotic scents, […]

Perfume’s Chemical Reaction

After receiving my May 2010 issue of Marie Claire Magazine today, I sighed and thought “Ahh, just want the doctor ordered…now I can relax on the couch and read it cover to cover before the school bus arrives to interrupt my solitude.” I was enjoying an afternoon of relaxation, with the warm breeze blowing in through the […]