New Love for My Hair – Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

My naturally curly (a.k.a. perpetually dry) hair has fallen in love!  Move over Pantene, there’s a new sheriff in town.  P&G sent me a free sample and coupon for Dove’s new Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner.  It was enough product for a full week of washes…yes, I know you are not suppose to wash your hair daily, but ladies I live in the desert – it’s 115 degrees outside – so yeah I wash my hair daily, and oh yeah you better sit down… sometimes more than once a day.  I also dye my curls, so add that to the already dry environment, damage by chemicals, and natural curls, and my tresses need all the moisture they can get.  BUT – I don’t like weighed down goop conditioner (hello Nexxus, yes I’m talking to you).  So into my life walks Dove Intensive Repair.  Ahhh!

Dove Intensive Repair Range
Dove Intensive Repair Range

Here’s my criteria for a great hair conditioner:

  • Can use daily
  • Must NOT weigh down hair after continual use
  • Leaves hair Shiney and Bouncy and SOFT
  • Affordable…especially in these economic times – can you say WALMART

Product tested: DOVE Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner

Verdict:  LUV IT!  Go ahead ladies, spend the $4, and try it out.  Order a free sample here.