Elle October 2018 Magazine Ads & Perfume Editorials

Elle magazine's October 2018 issues features actress Selena Gomez. Check out this month's issue for fragrance editorials, perfume ads, and celebrity models.

Cover: Selena Gomez (Actress)

Elle October 2018 Selena Gomez

Perfume Ads

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums - Emma Stone

Celebrity Endorsements

Natalie Portman - Dior Ultra Rouge

Fragrance Editorials

  • The Perfect Pair - 1 Girls, 2 Styles, Limitless Possibilities this Fall Season
    Jason Wu Eau de Parfum Spray, $145, 3 oz/90 ml

    "This is nothing better than a sophisticated and feminine fragrance. I love this fresh and floral scent from Jason Wu." -- Daniella Duque-Angel

    "Jason Wu fragrance is the perfect scent for fall with jasmine and rich floral notes." -- Nikia Provenzano

    ("The Perfect Pair." Elle Oct. 2018: 48)

  • Beauty Secrets: Zoe Kravitz
    The actress an face of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute's Black Opium fragrance on low-key makeup, Japanese whiskey, and the joy of sweating it out.
    ~ Signature Scent, YSL Black Opium

    "When I'm into a fragrance I tend to wear it every day. It's really for me more than anyone else. I fell in love with Black Opium ($91) a few years ago. It's sweet, but not too sweet, because of the musk undertones. It's a nice balance of masculine and feminine, and it's not overpowering." -- Zoë Kravitz

    (Catanese, Nicole. "Beauty Secrets: Zoe Kravitz." Elle Oct. 2018: 140)

  • Beauty Secrets: Lupita Nyongo
    The Oscar winner and face of Calvin Klein Women shares her lipstick tricks and admits to breaking the cardinal skin-care rule (skipping SPF!)
    ~ Perfume Notes, Calvin Klein Women ($84)

    "I wear fragrance every day because my mom wore fragrance every day. It's just part of my routine. Put on deodorant and put on a scent. My first reaction when I smelled Calvin Klein Women was relief. Because I actually really liked it, and having to pretend that something is desirable to you is very uncomfortable. It has a floral quality, but I like that there's an interesting combination of cedarwood and eucalyptus. I went to a school that had a lot of eucalyptus trees on the grounds, so it reminds me of my childhood." -- Lupita Nyongo

    (Catanese, Nicole. "Beauty Secrets: Lupita Nyongo." Elle Oct. 2018: 148)

Calvin Klein Women Perfume Ad - Lupita Nyong’o & Saoirse Ronan

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Cover: Selena Gomez (model), Mariano Vivanco (photographer)