The Dos & Don’ts of Guy Scents

The Dos and Don’ts of Guy Scents …holiday shopping

Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme
Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme

Holiday shopping? Tips for buying a fragrance he – and you – will love.  Originally from the Valentine Day February guide provided by Sephora’s Jessica Hanson.

DO snoop around.
Find out what kind of scent he already has (woodsy, fresh or spicy) and stick with that category when you go shopping.

DON’T get celeb-happy…
…unless you’re sure he’s a fan. Words of wisdom from a real guy: “We don’t want a cologne with a picture of some famous guy we can’t stand,” says Shai D., 28, NY. Dully noted.

DO match scents.
If there’s a certain perfume he loves on you, he’ll probably like the male version, too.

DON’T hesitate to try it.
Wear his fragrance alone or layer it over your lightweight floral.

Guys Scents You'll Love

Five scents you’ll both love:

  1. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme eau de toilette ($55 for 1.7 oz.,
  2. Giorgio Armani Code for men eau de toilette ($68 for 2.5 oz.,
  3. Sean Jean Unforgivable Night eau de toilette ($74,
  4. Patrick Dempsey 2 eau de toilette ($35,
  5. D&G 6 L’Amoureux eau de toilette ($65 for 3.4 oz.,
Code for Men Giorgio Armani

Beauty Quickie:
Got a sweaty guy?  Buy him a fragrance with fresh, citrusy notes – they mask eau de odor.

– from Beauty: tips, tips, tips – February 2010,

(Hanson, Jessica. "The Dos & Don'ts of Guy Scents." Glamour Feb. 2010: 48)